Geminy Overlock Machine

An over lock stitch is the kind of a stitch that is used to sew together 2 different pieces of fabric at the edges. An over lock sewing machine is used to carry out this process. These machines make use of loops instead of the traditional bobbins to make sure that the pieces of fabric are well attached for different procedures including hemming, edging and seaming. Making use of a series of threaded loops, this stitching practice adds strength and protection to the outer edge of the fabrics, making sure that the edges do not get frayed. With the looks of this stitching pattern being fairly obvious, these stitches can also be used for decorative purposes.

Over lock sewing machines are usually operated at high speeds, ranging between 1000 rpm and 9000 rpm. These operational speeds make the sewing machines very well suited for industrial use. The machines can be used on a wide range of fabrics, with stretch fabrics being the most recommended amongst them. These sewing machines are recommended for stretch fabrics because using a regular stitching machine leads to bumps forming along the seam or unnecessary pulling of the fabrics, which may result in damage to the fabrics attached. Garments that are required to offer great flexibility to the wearer and are designed for regular use are often made using over lock sewing machines, as apart from adding strength to the overlap of the two fabrics, the stitches formed by these sewing machines are also quite flexible in nature, adding to the comfort of the users.

Over lock sewing machines come in many forms and variations. One can obtain these sewing machines in variants of 2, 3, 4 and 5 thread operations as per the requirement and the nature of the garment the machine is to be used on. Another important variant of the over lock sewing machines is called a serger. In this type, the sewing machine is equipped with automated cutters. The automated cutters included in the machine cut off the edges of the fabrics with great speeds and precision. These cutters ensure that the over lock sewing machine is capable of creating sharply finished seams with remarkable ease.

  • A high Class Industrial Model.
  • Economical price and lowest maintenance.
  • Most recommendable for sewing cotton, hosiery, hemming trousers and blouses & overedging on other countless fabrics.
  • Can be worked either on treadle or electric motor.
  • Can be converted to 2 thread easily.
  • Crafted from heavy duty sheet components.
  • Available in different colour viz : Hammer Green, Black, Red & Deep Green.


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