Precision Castings

In precision casting the automotive casting is an integral part of the procedure of production of a majority of parts in the automotive industry. Casting has for long been used for a vast range of industries that make use of iron parts. This manufacturing process involves a liquidized material being poured in to a hollow mould of the desired shape. The liquid material is then allowed to solidify and the solidified part, called casting, is ejected out of the mold with great care. With a majority of automobile parts being made from iron and required to have precise shapes with very specific measurements, automotive casting has gained unparalleled importance in the industry ever since the introduction of automobiles. With the automobile industry seeing remarkable growth in the recent years, the requirement for error-free and flawless automotive casting is at its peak.

There are types of procedures used in automotive casting:

  • Grey Iron Casting: This procedure is essentially used for the parts that need non critical tensile strength. The castings made from this procedure offer excellent thermal conductivity, making them suitable for important automobile parts such as rotors and brakes. These automotive castings get a grey color due to the presence of graphite. Silicon is also used in the process as stabilizing agent for the graphite present.
  • Ductile Iron Casting: A relatively modern automotive casting procedure, this casting provides incredible ductile strength to the parts formed by it. Using a variety of materials in addition to iron, the automobile parts produced with this process have the capability to withstand high levels of stress over long periods of time.

Automotive casting is a very precise procedure, with fine margins being extremely important. A majority of parts are manufactured with molten iron being placed in the moulds designed with accurate dimensions. In this day and age where almost all the parts of a vehicle are made of cast iron, automotive casting procedure involves a special emphasis being placed on ensuring that all the parts are manufactured with no fault. Help from professional experts should always be sought for these procedures in order to make sure that the parts produced are perfectly fit for use. Geminy sewing machines are the largest manufacturer of precision castings in india.


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