Domestic Sewing Machines

Geminy is one of the leading company of sewing machine .We deal in domestic and semi-industrial sewing machines. Domestic sewing machines are those which are used for domestic use to produce in less amount, whereas semi-industrial sewing machines are used for professional purposes to produce in bulk . These are made with High Pressure Moulding Lines.



Some of the domestic products are:

  • Geminy tailor sewing machine – We provide superb quality geminy tailor sewing machine. This machine is nickel plated with needle bar and heavy duty with straight stitch function which is used by small studios. It can be operated by hand also.
  • Geminy tailor composite sewing machine – This machine is manufactured with the use of and advanced manufacturing process which ensures high quality & durability. These machines can be operated by hand or electric motor.
  • Geminy family sewing machine – Our family machine is made with good quality material that will provide outstanding performance throughout the life. These machines can be operated by electric motor easily. This is a family machine which can stitch any type of clothes for the whole family.
  • Geminy deluxe sewing machine – This machine is precision built for a lifetime of sewing pleasure. It will require a minimum amount of servicing, & will give the maximum in satisfaction. It has nickel pated needle bar.
  • Geminy link sewing machine – These machines are made for heavy duty steel material fully tempered parts made of highly computerized machinery. This is a soundless machine which don’t make any noise. This can be used for home purpose also.
  • Geminy super sewing machine – This machine has the strength to sew denim & other thicker fabrics. Sewing machines for denim provide stability & comfort when sewing heavy duty fabrics & can sew thicker with stronger seams for extra strength on any handmade garments
  • Geminy streamlined sewing machine – This is a technologically advanced machinery. It is convenient to operate and has forward & reverse feed mechanism.
  • Three-star tailor sewing machine – Geminy provides us high quality three star tailor sewing machine. This machine helps to meet the customer’s exact requirement. This can be operated by hand or electric motor.
  • Three-star composite sewing machine – With the help of talented vendors we are providing a qualitative array of three star composite sewing machine. It has oscillating shuttle race.
  • Three star family sewing machine – This machine is manufactured under the supervision of extremely qualified professionals who has the full knowledge about all the parts.


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