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Industrial Products

Sewing apparatus or machines with mechanism for lateral movement of the needle or the work or both for making ornamental pattern seams, for sewing buttonholes, for reinforcing openings, or for fastening articles,. Sewing apparatus were invented during the first Industrial Revolution to decrease the amount of manual sewing work performed in clothing companies .An early sewing apparatus was designed and manufactured by Barthélemy Thimonnier of France in 1841.The Industrial sewing apparatus is used for manufacturing not only apparel such as clothing but also bags, shoes, car seats and sofa, etc.

Industrial sewing machines are tremendous, speedy , and more varied in their size, cost,outward,appearance, and task. Industrial apparatus, as compared to domestic apparatus, perform a single dedicated task. Industrial machines are also more cosmic; a motor for almost any type of machine which can work on any brand .Industrial sewing machine differ from traditional sewing machine. In olden days working on sewing machine was a difficult task for women as they had to spent much of there time on sewing machines to stitch a single shirt. But with the coming of Industrial sewing machine, it reduced the burden of women as now they don’t have spent much time for stitiching a single shirt.

Industrial sewing machine is built for professional tasks and is therefore constructed with superior durability, parts and motors.

There are four types of industrial sewing machines:

  • Flatbed :This is the most common type of machine, which resemble traditional sewing machine. It is extensively used in industrial purposes for stitiching and sewing hard material products such as suitcase, luggage bags, leather products etc.
  • Cylinder- bed: These machines feature a narrow, horizontal column as opposed to a flat base. It provide higher precision required in delicate craftsmanship. This is used for sewing cylindrical pieces such as cuffs and also for bulky items such as saddles and shoes.
  • Post-bed: These machines feature bobbins, feed dogs and/or loopers in a vertical column that rises above the flat base of the machine. This is used for boot making and glove making utilize the post-bed machine.
  • Off the arm: The least common group, these machines require workers to feed material along the axis of a horizontal column. It is useful for applications such as sleeve and shoulder seams.

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